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Contractors & Engineers

CM work in conjunction with many engineers and contractors to ensure the highest quality & most cost effective product solutions are offered for the site, whilst adhering to Building Regulations and Legislation. 

CM also offer reciprocate business as we often require drainage drawings for clients.

We also have a network of installers for our product range and we are always looking for quality Contractors to join the network.

Our representatives are available to offer a full product service, including specifying and supplying quotations (within 24 hours of receiving the enquiry) & comprehensive site visits to ensure everyone on site is confident with the installation of our products.


Our external sales representatives are: 

  • Emma White, Tel: 07985 710089        

  • Beth Vandeveld, Tel: 07595 294695

  • Simon Hill, Tel: 07903 291495                        

Alternatively contact the CM Environmental office on:  01156 848356

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