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CM Environmental is part of the trading company; CM Services & Supplies which also incorporates CM Export Services. 


CM has developed a full range of sewage treatment plants & pumping stations with the export market in mind.

Our treatment plants can be manufactured inside shipping containers and either installed into the ground, or combined with a pumping station, they can be left aboveground. The material & heat welding process we use to manufacture gives us the flexibility to manufacture bespoke size treatment plants & pumping stations to suit any footprint or shipping container. 

We are also researching the possibility of developing a "flat pack" sewage treatment plant, as essentially a large part of shipping a sewage treatment plant is costly fresh air. We could potentially supply the panels, all the components & welder, to be manufactured when the destination country is reached. 


We are actively looking for trading partners in the following regions:

  • Bulgaria

  • Middle East 

  • India

  • South America

  • Africa

  • Far East

  • Europe


Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a CM trading partner, we would be pleased to hear from you. 

Please take a look at our Export Service website:

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