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'Breaking new ground with exceptional performance'

CM are proud to have designed and now manufacture our Shore Sewage Treatment Plants. 

The range is designed to service both domestic properties and commercial premises. 

Utilising British Water Loads and flows we will calculate your exact size requirement and specify the correct plant in our range between 5 - 50 population.

Low visual impact 

Only the lids are visible from ground level. 

Rectangular Shape 

Shore treatment plants are designed in a unique rectangular shape. The exact shape you will excavate. 

Pumped Outlets

Discharging to a ditch/watercourse or existing outlet but gravity will not allow, we can add an integral Pumped outlet - no additional chamber required. 

Shore Sewage treatment plant biological process

Fully certified to

BSEN 12566 - 3

Bespoke sizes 

The Shore range is extrusion welded. If sites are restricted by available space or access we can build your plant to suit.

Invert Risers

Bespoke invert levels up to 1.2m depth - deeper inverts are available following structural engineer advise for install.

External electrical housing

All electrical components (with the exception of pumped outlets) are housed in separate housing which can be located upto 10m from the Sewage treatment plant 

Product & Technical information

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