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Ongoing Maintenance Contracts

CM Environmental offer ongoing service contracts for all of the products we offer, by trained British Water Accredited engineers. Servicing your treatment plant or pump station is essential, not only for peace of mind, but also to ensure a safe discharge, to extend the life of the plant and to prevent any unpleasant smells/overflows.

The Environment Agency have binding rules for treatment plants that state a plant must be serviced and maintained to manufacturers' guidelines in order to be exempt from a permit (dependent on the flow expected.) All of our staff are trained to know these binding rules in depth, so we can advise, as we recognise this is an area that can be a bit baffling. Please call us if you require further information about the Environment Agency's terms, or visit their website for more information:

For a standard service, our engineers will check all electrical parts are in working order, and ensure the efficiency of the sewage treatment plant or pumping station. They will inspect the discharge point for a treatment plant, and jet wash the inside of the pump station chamber if required. If you would like CM Environmental to book the emptying/desludge of your treatment plant, we can organise this to take place at the same time so our CM engineer can advise the tanker company of amounts/requirements for your plant specifically (we just pass the direct costs on for the tankering as this is undertaken by a third party subcontractor.)

CM Environmental offer favourable call-out terms for the stations we service regularly, as well as favourable parts prices if any replacements are required over time. Please contact the office for a quotation.

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