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CM Deep Invert Box!!

With certain sites where the incoming pipe level is particularly deep (most sewage treatment plants on the market are tested to 1200mm deep and anything deeper than that requires a structural engineer to consult) it used to be that an associated packaged pumping station was the only solution, pumping from the pump station, to a break tank to slow the flow, then to the specified treatment plant. This option can be particularly costly, because that pumping station requires storage for the anticipated flow AS WELL adding to both the installation cost and price for the pumping station itself. Never mind the extra future maintenance required on both a pump station and treatment plant.

In some situations, the tank is safe to install at a deeper depth, with structural slab or similar, BUT this then posed the problem of future maintenance ie how an engineer could access the internal workings of the treatment plant to check on it or maintain it should this be required.

CM recently installed a solution to this problem at Stoke on Trent- our NEWLY DESIGNED DEEP INVERT BOX: A bespoke box to suit the size of the treatment plant manhole turrets that can be installed on top of our treatment plant. This of course still requires consultation with a structural engineer to design the concrete slab and surround BUT it can save money on install (as it eliminates the need for a pumping station and the future costs they can cause) and it allows access for future maintenance (this would be a confined space entry access depending on size/access but is still a lot safer and easier than turret risers.)

Firstly, a specially designed concrete slab is installed on top of the tank; the box is bolted to the concrete slab to keep it secure. The slab is designed based on the ground conditions, depths, anticipated weight, tank size etc so will differ for each site.

This is then followed by the box installation on top to create a safe and easy access.

And with the above ground presence, you would never know there was a tank THAT deep in the ground under it all.

If this is something you think might help with your deep invert, give CM a call and we will do our best to help. 0115 6848356.


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