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CM Percolation Tests: An Absolute Necessity

The 2020 Environment Agency's Regulations and their 2015 Binding Rules means that accurately sizing a drainage field or soakaway - and providing evidence that it has been sized correctly - has never been more important.

In order for a soakaway to drain away and/or treat the foul water, it is essential it's designed specifically for the ground it is in (and not the general area). Different ground permeates at different rates so the meterage of the required drainage field will vary from place to place. CM can undertake percolation tests for you, offering peace of mind that this has been done professionally by people with a working knowledge and experience. Also, as seen in the image here, our British Water's accredited engineers, do our best to ensure the least disruption to the ground it is testing in.

From the percolation test, CM will then offer a drainage field design to fit the footprint/area of the ground it is being installed in, as seen here in the picture. The size of the drainage field also depends on whether it is taking flow from a sewage treatment plant or septic tank - as the required treatment is less on a sewage treatment plant. Our representatives and engineers are fully up to speed with the current regulations to advise on any Environment Agency permits that may be required.

We also offer guidance if the percolation test is something our customer's want to undertake for themselves. But in this circumstance, the ultimate responsibility for the size of the field then lies with the customer. We recommend lots of photos are taken of the percolation test taking place for the Environment Agency, Building Regs and should the property ever go up for sale.


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