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CM Finding a Solution - Directional Drilling (Moling)

We pride ourselves on trying to find a solution for sites with even the most difficult of drainage issues. Just recently, CM Environmental installed a sewage treatment plant at a house in a location which would have NORMALLY required a road closure, and would have disrupted the services to many local houses.

We avoided this concern, and cost, by working with a sub-contractor that deals with directional drilling. This involves excavating either side of the road, and drilling through the ground (like a mole) and installing the pipe run we require to discharge through with it, like a threaded needle. Clever stuff!

Moling was a first for CM but having seen the ease of install, we were impressed, and would certainly use this technique again! The photographs below show the moling taking place, and highlight the high standard of reinstatement that CM achieves.

At CM, we know that we are growing in both size and knowledge-base daily (civil engineering is a huge field), and we will do our best to find a safe and efficient solution for you, as we did at this site. Our representatives offer free site surveys as standards, and if you have a 'head-scratching' drainage site, we will do our best to find a way to make it work.

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