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Rainwater Harvesting - When is it worthwhile?!

We supply Rainwater Harvesters - but at CM Environmental our representatives are often asked whether it's worth it? We are always open and frank about this - they are a luxury product and they have their place. If you are not aware of rainwater harvesting, it basically means collecting rainwater that would otherwise have gone into a storm drain or soakaway, and using it to run your washing machine, toilets and irrigate your garden. If the rainwater harvester tank ever runs dry, the mains water will kick in for the rest of the time.

If you are designing, building, or living in a small terraced house, with one toilet and a tiny back garden then we will openly tell you it may not be for you. If however, you are looking at a large roof area, several bedrooms and a large back garden to irrigate, then rainwater harvesting might be an excellent cost saving exercise moving forward - especially if you are on a water meter. The added bonus for builders is the boxes it ticks for environmental clauses, saving time and effort. It is also a great selling point when moving on from your home.

CM Rainwater Harvesters are designed with ease of installation and maintenance in mind. The chamber is installed underground, like all others, but it contains no moving parts inside. Instead of pumps inside the chamber, that can often be difficult to remove or maintain, our control panel does the hard work. Mounted on a wall inside the garage or house, this drawers the water from the chamber and pumps it to the locations it's required.

At CM we offer the supply of rainwater harvesters as well as ongoing service contracts to ensure the safe and efficient maintenance of your system.

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