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Environment Agency Permit to Discharge

Depending on the size of your sewage treatment plant, the Environment Agency may require a permit to discharge to prove the flow will be safe to enter the ground, or a nearby ditch or watercourse. CM Environmental can help with this, as we have for many sites before. We have undertaken the paperwork for large contactors and small households, so we have experience of the Environment Agency's requirements in order to approve the permit to discharge.

Your site will require a permit if you plan to discharge more than 2000L of flow per day into a drainage field/soakaway or 5000L of flow per day into a ditch or watercourse. Obviously there are many clauses to this, such as if you are located on a SSSI site, but CM can guide you through all of the Environment Agency's sewage treatment plant binding rules if required. A site visit from one of our representatives is free, and at this stage we can talk you through everything. Please be aware of anyone offering "quick and simple" solutions to this, as ultimately, although any supplier or contractor can advise, it is always the land or homeowners' responsibility. We will always provide you with written proof of the Environment Agency guidelines, to ensure you have every confidence in us. We thoroughly advise that you check with any supplier or contractor that they can do the same.

CM Environmental is a relatively small company compared to our competitors, which means we can offer these little perks to ensure the job is dealt with from start to finish.

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