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Common Causes for Engineer Aborted Visits

As a company, CM Environmental tries to avoid aborted visits at all costs. It is not in our interest to have to abort - engineer time is lost, and therefore it can be costly - and a customer is never happy.

CM Environmental ask all of our customers to complete checklists about their pump station or sewage treatment plant, before we attend any site for works, in the hope this will raise awareness of anything that might cause an aborted visit, but somehow they still happen. This blog compiles a list of all the most common reasons that we have to abort for further advise to our customers.

1) Extended cabling. We only attend with a certain amount of cabling, and often customers do not measure distances exactly, meaning our engineers do not have the required amount to complete the works on that day. We need to know the distance from the bottom of the pump station chamber or compressor, to the power supply.

2) Chambers full of water. Most of our works will need a chamber to be as empty as possible. Our confined space engineers will need to get into the chamber, and sometimes on a standard commissioning which doesn't require this, the engineer needs to see where the pumps will be located on the guiderails.

3) Control panel not connected or the incorrect phase. Although we specify on quotations, we quite often arrive on site to find we have supplied a single phase control panel as per the specification, and the site is three phase. Also, our CM Environmental engineers require an isolated power supply, so the control panel should have power brought to it before we arrive.

4) No ducting or draw wire in place. Our engineers need to be able to pull cables through from the chamber to the power supply. If this is a long distance, a draw wire makes this a lot easier.

Hopefully this gives our customers more of an idea of what to do to avoid an inconvenient aborted visit going forward, so we can get your pump station, or sewage treatment plant, commissioned as quickly as possible.

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