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CM are here to put your mind at rest!

CM Environmental don't just supply and install treatment plants. We also offer ongoing service contracts on all of our sewage treatment plants to ensure the ongoing safety and efficiency of your system. Ultimately a sewage treatment plant needs maintaining because it is a biological process that requires the correct amount of flow and air to work properly.

The Environment Agency does require evidence that sewage treatment plants are maintained at regular intervals (specified by manufacturer's guidelines) to prevent fines or even demands that systems are replaced. CM Environmental employ British Water Certified Engineers to ensure this maintenance is of the highest standard.

We are so confident in our sewage treatment plants, our installation standards and ongoing maintenance, that CM Environmental also offer water testing. This means that if you did have any concerns about the discharge of your system, this would put your mind at rest. Our engineers will collect the water with you present, and send it off for testing. Or you can send us a sample, and we will ensure that the discharge is safe for the environment.

Please contact us in the office on 0115 684 8356 and we can talk you through how to take out a sewage treatment plant service contract with us.


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