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CM: Here For You In Case Of Emergency!

Pumping stations, whether storm or foul, and Sewage Treatment Plants are essential to the smooth running of the buildings they serve, whether domestic or commercial. Should your system start alarming (this can be audible, visual or telemetric), our British Water accredited engineers are on hand for call-outs. Because we recognise that a failing pump station or treatment plant is an environmental hazard, we act as quickly as possible and regularly receive grateful messages from customers who are desperate for a swift resolution. We always try to act as if it were our own home or business that were being affected!

CM may not offer a 24-hour call-out service for failing or alarming pump stations but we will do our best to get you up and running as quickly as possible, and find a temporary solution in the meantime. This could be organising or putting you in touch with a tanker company who can empty your system when required, or over-pumping from one manhole to another if possible.

In the event of a call-out, CM prioritise our customers with existing service contracts, and offer favourable call-out rates - another reason to reach out to us whilst your system is already in good working order, to help us keep it that way.

Your treatment plant or pump station may be alarming for various reasons - so before we jump to a call-out - either the CM office or one of our engineers might be able to talk you through getting your treatment plant or pumping station back on-line without the need for a call-out. We will only attend once you are aware of all prospective call-out charges, and following a call-out, you will receive a report with supporting evidence if required, of the possible causes of the failure, and any remedial works that we recommend.

Most of our systems are labelled with our contact information, so please do get in touch if you need us. We are here to help.


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