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CM Maintenance Contracts

CM offer the full package for both sewage treatment plants and for pump stations.


CM pride ourselves on the detail. We offer free site visits and our representatives, who have a thorough working knowledge of both pump stations & treatment plants, are always happy to talk through the site details to ensure we specify the most suitable product for your site. We also undertake percolation tests for designing an efficient and BSEN approved drainage field.


We offer supply only of all our products, and we offer an onsite installation advisory service as well, to talk through the details with any groundworker/installer as needed. And as a small business, we are easily contactable at the time of install should you need any advice.


We can offer a price to install sewage treatment plants, drainage fields, septic tanks, drainage mounds or pumping stations. This is from design through to commissioning of the electrics. This includes our retrofit pump stations, which can be installed inside existing watertight chambers. Again, all of our representatives have an excellent working knowledge of the installation process, and this means we can offer a competitive and accurate (as is possible with groundworks). Our installation teams are incredibly experienced and knowledgeable, as well as being approachable and friendly.

Maintenance/Service Contracts:

Being underground it means the products we supply can often be neglected. We offer ongoing service contracts for all our products, as well as some market equivalents, even if we have not installed them. We can monitor your system to ensure you are adhering to the Environment Agency's Binding Rules, in the case of sewage treatment plants, and to extend the longevity of the pumps, in the case of pumping stations. This gives you peace of mind that your system is in safe hands. We can even organise any tankering required for your system and pass on the charges; it can be helpful for our engineer to be present whilst this happens for various reasons.

Call Outs:

If you have a service contract with us, we offer favourable rates for a callout should this be required. Our engineers come equipped to replace the majority of parts whilst on site, if this is required. However, even if you do not

have a maintenance contract with CM, our rates are competitive and we will do our best to help you as quickly as possible, no matter what your circumstance or situation.

Homeowners/Buyers Report:

Recently, CM have been undertaking reports for prospective sellers/buyers of properties where the septic tank, drainage field, sewage treatment plant or pumping station is holding up the sale. These have been used to either get any issues resolved prior to the sale, or to make a deal through the sale to get this pushed through.

The images here are our new literature for Supply, Install and Maintain information. Please do give us a call if you have any questions or you would like a copy. 0115 6848356.


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