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CM Pump Station Retrofits

CM Environmental's confined space engineers can retrofit existing watertight concrete chambers, or newly installed watertight pre-cast concrete ring chambers, transforming them into a foul or storm water pumping station. We specify from the start, stating the pumps and rising main required, to suit the sites' bespoke requirements, whilst keeping building regulations and water boards requirements in mind.

This can solve problems with installation, alongside saving money. For example, if you have a high water table, or the site is expecting heavy loadings, a packaged pump station can require a great deal of concrete surround to ensure this is safe and secure in the ground. A pre-cast concrete chamber is cheaper, and easier to install in this situation. This also applies when dealing with stations that are incredibly deep, either because of storage or because of levels. CM Environmental will offer the best solution for your site, keeping both longevity and price on install in mind, and hopefully coming up with the best price too.

Please give our office, or one of our representatives a call and get a quote for our retrofit pump station option today.


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