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CM work with Property Maintenance & Estate Agents

Since the Environment Agency's 2020 update to septic tank and sewage treatment plant discharge rules, we have been working closely with several Estate Agents and Property Management companies who either maintain properties with pump stations, septic tanks or treatment plants, or they are helping to sell/rent a property with a septic tank or treatment plant.

In the cases where we have been working with Estate Agents, we have found that several property sales have been held up, because the existing tank does not adhere to the change in the 2020 Environment Agency discharge rules. CM have worked with the Estate Agents to find and price a solution to either get the works done quickly in order to aid the property sale, OR we have priced it to get the sale moving and the future owner of the property has used us to undertake the works at a later date as part of the sale agreement. If you are struggling to sell your house because of the existing off-mains drainage solution, whatever that may be, we can try to help.

For the property management companies, we offer various services: site surveys, ongoing service contracts; help with applications to the Environment Agency where needed, acting as consultants to get the EA permits approved; quotations for upgrading or replacing the existing septic tank or treatment plants; call-outs to pump stations... the list is endless. So if you are a property management company looking for advice about off-mains drainage, CM can help.


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