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What can you see above ground? Treatment Plants and Pump Stations...

The most asked question on domestic site visits for treatment plants and pump stations is, 'What will I be able to see in my garden?' This is perfectly understandable as we recognise aesthetics are very important in a garden. Several other treatment plants on the market have a huge above ground presence, but our treatment plants have discreet, ground level 600 X 600 manhole covers (that can easily be recessed and disguised) and our compressor housing which can be located up to 10m away in a nearby bush or outhouse. You can just about see the compressor housing in the back left of this photo. We have designed our treatment plants with great access for servicing and maintenance, whilst keeping the above ground presence to a minimum.

Our twin pump stations need a control panel, and this can either be housed in a nearby outhouse, or in a kiosk like the below.


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