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CM Reed Beds: A 'Growing' Solution

In recent years, we have an increasing demand for the supply and installation of reed beds. A reedbed is designed and constructed using a system of pipes, sand, gravel and specially grown & selected reeds that provide an ecological cleansing solution - in its simplest explanation, the reeds drink the excess water and unwanted bacteria and the gravel and sand drain the rest away. These are useful in many circumstances: as a tertiary treatment following a sewage treatment plant or septic tank with underground drainage field; or as a solution to storm water where the ground isn't suitable for percolation.

There are lots of positives to a reed bed. Firstly, once established, they can be very attractive and encourage a huge amount of extra wildlife to the area. A reed bed can be used to satisfy some of the green building regulations required with a build. The extra treatment a reed bed gives can also satisfy the Environment Agency in protected zones or where the flows fluctuate (in some cases - permits still required). They require little maintenance and no running cost in terms of electrics - this makes them an excellent solution in remote locations such as camping/glamping spots.

As you can see from this before and after, when freshly installed they do not look like much, but the below photo is the same reed bed a 2 years later. Fully established, looking beautiful and providing excellent water treatment.

If you are interested in CM offering a quote to supply and install a reed bed on your site, please do get in touch on 0115 9848356.


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