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Suitable Soakaways

CM offer various soakaway solutions. On our first free site visit, our engineer or representative will initially try to look for a

suitable place for you to discharge to. From there, if we cannot find a suitable place above ground, we would need to undertake a percolation test to determine the size and location to install a soakaway / drainage field.

We undertake percolation tests ourselves, or we can offer the instructions for the percolation to be undertaken by someone else - either way the results of this determine the size and design of the soakaway - so they need to be accurate. CM can design the required soakaway based on these results, and we will always design in a grid system as per the image below, if this is an option.

We have had difficult sites' where the grid system soakaway was not an option and we consulted to design a concrete ring soakaway as per the image below.

These were all approved by the Environment Agency before we installed because the site offered no other options for discharge. CM did not give up trying to find a solution for this domestic customer, and in the end, he was really pleased with the results. Several years later and we are still servicing the plant and ensuring everything is working as it should be and the soakaway is draining away safely.


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